easy sonic living

airs on ckut 90.3 fm every second tuesday night from 11 to midnight, alternating with the equally brilliant harvey christ hour.

we do experimental radio, playing with the radio medium in interesting, funny and unexpected ways, airing everything from audio collages to soundscapes to field recordings to absurd radio dramas. most of the time we do our own thing, sometimes we air other artists’ work, ocasionally we just play eclectic and dope music we like and once in a while we have guests come in to perform works live and then we poke their brains gently for fun.

what you can be sure of is that your ears will hum and buzz with contentment when you tune in. we will make you stretch your brain, fantasize about strange new worlds and/or possibly trip out completely as you listen whilst going about your late evening business. you can also listen to us online at http://www.ckut.ca or access our show’s archives here.

and hey! if you want to drop us a line to let us know how you’re liking our radio show or to give us a great idea for an upcoming show theme or concept, don’t hesitate. we can be reached at esl@ckut.ca.


~ by easysonicliving on April 15, 2010.

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