f eel ‘d / reck or ding

did you hear that thunder last night?

ya ever been walkin’ down the street and just have to stop? listen for a moment, then move on? turn your head in wonder while you kept up the pace? arrive at work and say ‘the baby next door cried to the point that my dog was whining’?

inside your mind, can you still hear the snow fall on the school yard?

natural sound. field recordings. this is what ESL will be exploring, digging up, and capturing for y’all come july 20. a discussion about sound maps and maybe an interview with the man who consecrates his radio hours to the art of phonography……. field recording…..and how it is used in composition…..

home recordings you would like to share? send them our way (or any other comments, suggestions, audio) at esl@ckut.ca


~ by easysonicliving on July 10, 2010.

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