Don’T PlAy mE LIKe thAt.

…and action….
the radio play. a fantastic way to forget about all of life’s little problems and drift off into catharsis while resting your eyes.  on tuesday august 3rd the ESL crew will be bringing to you live the sounds of radio plays from past and present, young and old.   war of the worlds ain’t got nothing on Easy Sonic Living…….. tune in and listen to a live mash-up of anything we are able to find in the internet archives.   let us tell you that these archives are extensive…… everything from bbc productions of The Hitchhikers Guide to War of the Worlds reenactments…… live sound fx to modern productions all with one thing in common: a story to tell, and a few actors to tell the story.
listen in from 11-midnight on 90.3 in montreal if you want to fall asleep to a fantasy world suited only for the…..

…….easy sonic radio mash-up


~ by easysonicliving on August 3, 2010.

One Response to “Don’T PlAy mE LIKe thAt.”

  1. great concept!
    when i was a kid, we used to get radio plays for road trips to keep my sister and i from gouging out eachother’s eyes in the backseat…
    …a scene which may have been well suited to last night’s show.

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