sometimes, here at Easy Sonic Living, we like to test boundaries. we like to know just how far, how wide, how narrow we can go with this absurd little game we call a radio show. sometimes, just sometimes, we like to be a little random.

take last week’s post-show brainstorm, for example. an off-the-cuff remark turned into a show theme. someone makes a comment about keeping their pants up and oh, there you have it, we know what next show is gonna be about. belts. yeah that’s right. who hasn’t thought about them? then again, who has? those useful devices we use to keep our pants on and up, those car accessories that have the power to keep us alive, well, we here at ESL think belts deserve a little bit of our attention.

so tune in at 11pm next Tuesday, December 7 to CKUT 90.3 fm in montreal or worldwide and find out what belts have got to say. belts that keep your pants up, belts that keep you chaste, belts that transmit power to your vehicle, belts produced by vocal chords. you’ll be surprised at how low and high! we can go.


~ by easysonicliving on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “belts”

  1. can’t wait for this one.

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