Dig deep for the love of radio

hello friends and radio lovers!

Tuesday October 25, from 11 pm to midnight on the airwaves of CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, We’ll be doing something we can rarely bring ourselves to do which is solicit money from people!

Our radio show, Easy Sonic Living and its alternating Tuesday airwave roommate, Harvey Christ Radio will be spending an hour performing stories, playing live evangelical-like music and other strange and funny-unfunny audio for your edification. We are really hoping we’ll convince you to pull out your credit card and call us!!!!

Mayday, m’aidez SVP!

It’s CKUT’s annual funding drive, and this means that the radio station that we love and whose very existence has sustained our radio-creativity, is asking its listeners to support it with a small (or large) donation of money.

Please, please, please, give a little or a lot if you have ever …

listened to the show and laughed
listened to the show and cried
listened to the show and felt trippy
are related to one of us and want to support us in our radio-making though you don’t really get it
don’t have any money but can hit up someone related to YOU that would donate
have suggested a song we played on the show
have been interviewed by us for the show
had your first ever radio experience on our show!
heard something on it that made you go “WTF?”
never even listened to our show but support the idea of community radio (radio for the people by the people) in general
like to hear independent music, alternative current affairs, and experimental programming
catch us online sometimes and think we rock!
have some extra cash looking for a place to call home
think our blog is cool: https://easysonicliving.wordpress.com
all or none of the above


call the station anytime at 514.907.9424
call the station during our show from 11 PM to midnight, Montreal time at 514.448.4013
do it online here (to pledge to our show specifically, pick “esl”)
walk into the station between 11 and 6 pm at 3647 University

remember there are lots of great gifts (T-shirts, other station merch and CDs you get just for giving us a little of your love!)

Caroline and the Easy Sonic Living radio team


~ by easysonicliving on October 24, 2011.

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