Endangered sounds

r-ENDANGERED-600x275 Some sounds are disappearing from our world for good. Perhaps you don’t miss the sound of that old Nokia cellphone ringer that was once the de facto cellphone ring but doesn’t that almost never heard sound of dialling a rotary phone kind of tug at your heartstrings? What about that first generation Mac computer’s robotic voice declaring “it’s not my fault? Kind of cute, in a primitive way, wasn’t it? 1280-museum-of-endangered-sounds Nostalgia for the sounds of obsolete and inanimate technologies is one thing. More tragic perhaps are the loss of living sounds: The sound of silence, for example, such as what a natural ecosystem sounds like when unpolluted by industrial and human-generated noise. The sounds from languages that are being endangered, overpowered by the homogenizing forces of colonization and globalization .language And then there are the sounds of animals in danger of extinction: certain bird songs and animal cries that we may soon never hear again… the sound of silence Listen to some of these sounds while you still can!!! – by tuning into Easy Sonic Living on Tuesday April 21 from 11 PM to midnight, Montreal time, on CKUT Radio 90.3 FM or at http://www.ckut.ca.
Missed the show? Listen to the archives here until July 21st 2015!


~ by easysonicliving on April 21, 2015.

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