Survival strategies for contemporary life

man and leopard

Existence is full of danger. As life forms on this Earth, we each do what we can to avoid being overcome by the perils we may encounter. For those fleeing war or genocide, survival is very literally a case of life and death and you’ll hear one such story from Joseph Hovsepian, who describes his Armenian family’s passage from Turkey to Canada and gives some strategic pointers for making the most of the life you are given.

polar bear on melting ice block

Sometimes, finding strategies for survival can be more of a spiritual need. You may seek techniques to persevere in the face of a curve ball life has thrown you. Artist Serene Daoud tells us how a relationship rupture provoked disease and has forced her to learn to better manage her emotions. Sometimes, survival strategies are also just the tricks we employ to win at the  game of life. We’re all free to choose our methods and sculptor Glen Le Mesurier  shares a few of his own.

gas mask 2

Mixed in with some great indie rock, electro-mijwez, hip hop and house music plus a few of your radio host’s own survival strategies, all this airs Tuesday, June 28, 2016 on CKUT Radio 90.3 FM in Montreal and worldwide from 11 PM to midnight.

DID YOU MISS IT? Have no fear, now you can listen to it here, below:

Music tracks played:
Roses_Liechtenstein_Survival Strategies In A Modern World_Slumberland Records, 2009
Shamstep_ 47soul_Shamstep_Indiepush, 2015
Survival _Adult Mom_Momentary Lapse of Happily _Tiny Engines, 2015
Survival_DJ EFN ft. Juvenile, dead prez, & Trick Daddy_BeatsNDaHood, 2015
Survival Tactics_LSKINS_produced by Flyo, 2015
Great Escape_NAOME feat. Ony (System of Survival Remix)_NAOME Remixes, 2015







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