Audible Bodies

This Tuesday, May 30 at 11 PM on 90.3 FM in Montreal or worldwide, listen to the Audible Bodies episode of Easy Sonic Living.

Audible Bodies
is the title of a workshop which took place May 16 during the Simone de Beauvoir Summer Institute: Mobilizing In/Visible Bodies. Participants graciously consented to it being recorded and aired on ESL.

As the rising popularity of both the practice of stand up comedy and the academic field of humour studies reveals, joke-telling can be truth-telling and comedy, a powerful site for publicly verbalizing perspectives that are too often marginalized. Voicing one’s perspective about the fraught subject matter of social hierarchies and inequalities is delicate work. To take the mic and tell one’s (in)visible/silent truth in a funny way can be a transformative act. Jokes aside, it is sometimes hard enough just to speak one’s truth in a school group discussion. Can engaging with the publicly spoken truths of stand up comics help us voice our own perspectives in important conversations?

You will hear excerpts from an almost two-hour-long conversation held by a group of incredibly articulate and thoughtful students about joke-telling and the role comedy plays in today’s current affairs discussions. You will hear thoughts on the ways in which the public telling of jokes can be either empowering or oppressive, and the importance of considering which bodies are telling the joke and which ones are in the room listening.

Aired in Easy Sonic Living’s signature non-linear fashion and interspersed with hilarious and truthful feminist stand up comedy moments and bad ass feminist hip hop.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.



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