excellent moments in time

ESL has been broadcasting for 5 years but that doesn’t mean we have any proof. somehow, most of our best shows, like the excellent moments in time and space that they were, could not be captured for posterity. but we did find a couple.

listen here
for our july 7 2009 prairie people episode otherwise known as the sex lives of the saskatchewan people, a docudrama, featuring both real and fake people from the prairies. special thanks to dolores ferraton paul wallach and keetha mercer for their stories, told and written.

listen here
for our october 28 2009 financial meltdown episode. near the end of the program, catch a phone call with our nyc main street man-on-the-street, Cast an Arrow as he explains “in-my-pocket-economics.”

recently, we got the delightful opportunity to do some radio with the kids at the Tyndale St Georges Community Centre in montreal’s little burgundy neighbourhood. for the hilarious results, listen here .

we did an episode about “the apocalypse” – the christian apocalypse, the muslim apocalypse, the environmental apocalypse, the shopping-apocalype and of course, the a-cock-alypse. here are the live reports we received from our correspondent nicole, in chicago:

a-cock-alypse report 1

a-cock-alypse report 2
a-cock-alypse report 3

more traces of the past being excavated….


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