does ESL = english as a second language?

ESL, which originally stood for Experimental Sound Lab, is well aware that its acronym is most commonly known for English as a Second Language and that this may cause some confusion. luckily, ESL is not afraid of confusion and in fact, encourages it as an excellent path towards enlightenment. the deliberate play on the well-known acronym alludes to the fact that sound and not english is this radio program’s first language and that people get smarter whenever they learn to speak and understand any other language that is not english. just think about it.

ESL has playfully morphed into a number of reincarnations including Easy Sonic Listening and its most recent tongue-in-cheek moniker, Easy Sonic Living. By the way, almost everything we do on ESL is tongue-in-cheek, have you heard us on the air?

ESL has had, since its beginnings, in 2005, a mandate to experiment with the radio medium in a laboratory-like way, through the creation of radio art by its programmers, the airing of pre-produced radio and sound art by emerging and established artists, as well as occasionally inviting local and international artists to do live transmissions and performances in-studio. we do also interview artists, but the focus is on the sound and not the interview, desiring not to be too talk-heavy a show (hence Sound and not English). most of our creative work has thus far consisted of live mixes and manipulation of audio through collages, soundscapes and old-fashioned radio theatre serials. all of this is done, of course, with an easy-peasygoing, fun, unpretentious approach


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