listener quotes

Hey, do you listen in and find yourself compelled to speak to us? Well, dial 514-448-4013 and give us a ring while we’re in the studio during our Tuesday broadcasts (11pm to midnight EST). (Best to call when we’re not on mike!)

Here are some memorable quotes from people who have called in the past:

“this is the creepiest show I have ever heard…makes you think.”
– Doug, referring to “The Smile” episode, September 2010.

“I love listening to you guys while I paint.”
– Anonymous

“Your writing is too Canadian.”
– anonynmous and angry-sounding caller in regards to the “King City” episode

“I like cheese.”
– whispered into the phone after calling and hanging up several times

“I just wanted to let you know that the radio is not playing any music right now.”
– helpful lady who called during the “Sounds of the South Shore” episode as we were playing a quiet river of cars


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