Nova Scotia: as experienced by maniacs

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Well, we didn’t make it to Rita MacNeil’s Teahouse but we did go visit the Rankin Family, win 90 cents at the Inverness Harness Races, witness some of the most manicured lawns on earth, nearly died, and slept on a hell of a lot of beaches…all on bike (yes it was uncomfortable sleeping on our bikes on the beach, but we are just that committed to athletism in all its forms.) Some people say biking the cabot trail is the hardest bike trip in Canada. We say those people are just not going slow enough. Averaging an astonishing 40 kilometres a day a caravan of weirdos got a real good look at 700 kilometres of Canada’s Ocean Playground and will be presenting their sonic findings…tonight! 11pm on Easy Sonic Living.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Use Fireworks only under adult supervision

Use fireworks only under adult supervision


Dig deep for the love of radio

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hello friends and radio lovers!

Tuesday October 25, from 11 pm to midnight on the airwaves of CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, We’ll be doing something we can rarely bring ourselves to do which is solicit money from people!

Our radio show, Easy Sonic Living and its alternating Tuesday airwave roommate, Harvey Christ Radio will be spending an hour performing stories, playing live evangelical-like music and other strange and funny-unfunny audio for your edification. We are really hoping we’ll convince you to pull out your credit card and call us!!!!

Mayday, m’aidez SVP!

It’s CKUT’s annual funding drive, and this means that the radio station that we love and whose very existence has sustained our radio-creativity, is asking its listeners to support it with a small (or large) donation of money.

Please, please, please, give a little or a lot if you have ever …

listened to the show and laughed
listened to the show and cried
listened to the show and felt trippy
are related to one of us and want to support us in our radio-making though you don’t really get it
don’t have any money but can hit up someone related to YOU that would donate
have suggested a song we played on the show
have been interviewed by us for the show
had your first ever radio experience on our show!
heard something on it that made you go “WTF?”
never even listened to our show but support the idea of community radio (radio for the people by the people) in general
like to hear independent music, alternative current affairs, and experimental programming
catch us online sometimes and think we rock!
have some extra cash looking for a place to call home
think our blog is cool:
all or none of the above


call the station anytime at 514.907.9424
call the station during our show from 11 PM to midnight, Montreal time at 514.448.4013
do it online here (to pledge to our show specifically, pick “esl”)
walk into the station between 11 and 6 pm at 3647 University

remember there are lots of great gifts (T-shirts, other station merch and CDs you get just for giving us a little of your love!)

Caroline and the Easy Sonic Living radio team

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Abba, the Nobel Prize, death metal, meatballs, Ace of Base, IKEA, August Stringberg, functionalism, sunless winter days, blonde and blue-eyed people, what else comes to mind when you think of Sweden?

Lucky for us, on Easy Sonic Living, we’ve found Sandra, a resident Swedish expert, hailing from from Stockholm, who will be our guest for the evening and enlighten us with info about Swedish culture, music and language.

Tune in Tuesday, October 11 at 11 PM to CKUT 903 FM in Montreal and worldwide to hear a sonic smorgasborg (that’s a Swedish word, by the way) of Swedish music, facts, language lessons and more…
Nu kör vi! Häng på! (Come on, let’s go!)


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Brooklyn and other boroughs…

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What can you really know about a city in a mere three days? Probably just a tiny tiny tiny part of it but that’s enough reason for Easy Sonic Living to take the night bus to New York and bring you some sonic highlights of neighbourhood walks from the vibrant borough of Brooklyn and train rides to its other parts and parties. You’ll also hear the voice of one lone dude, Marcus Ulysses Roman, aka Unlist, a native New Yorker who shares his thoughts about his city, its people and what you can learn by leaving your own comfort zone. On Easy Sonic Living this Tuesday night, August 16, at 11 PM on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, and at w-w-w-worldwide.


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Wendy Carlos, synth pioneer

This coming Tuesday (August 2) on Easy Sonic Living:

“Synthposium” is a bi-weekly meeting in which Les and Lara challenge each other to learn more about music involving synthesizers.  They like thinking about popular (and unpopular!) music critically, drawing connections between trends in sound and style, learning about electronic music around the world and its evolution over time.  Examples of past challenges include: research the solo careers of artists from synth bands, copyright infringement cases, one hit wonders and another song from their catalogue, synth music from Brazil, trace the origin of a sample, research the career of a producer etc.  Past playlists and commentaries (plus bonus bon-bons from the internet) can be found here:

ESL goes live from Vancouver on Tuesday July 26

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with our friends at the Harvey Christ Hour taking some time to cleanse their souls, Easy Sonic Living will be broadcasting an extra show this month. join recently departed host, Neil, as he broadcasts from his new home and explores his 3-week journey across Canada in a 4-door VW Golf.

on tap we will hear captured sounds ranging in boat rides in Toronto to the street performers of Vancouver. Neil will make the argument that the prairies are not flat, throw in some fun facts about Canada, sprinkle in a run in with the RCMP and speak of the tragedy of hitting a deer. travel partner Jesara will dj Canadian road trip songs and together, Neil and Jesara will read from their travel blog: potholes and roadkill.

so sit back and laugh at someone else’s travels, it all goes down this tuesday, july 26 on CKUT 90.3 FM from 11 to midnight EST, 8pm online if you are in Vancouver.