the megapolis experience

caroline writes:

may 13 to 16 Easy Sonic Living got into a rented car and headed south to Baltimore, Maryland, USA to attend the Megapolis Audio Art festival

this trip across the border was us taking things radio to a whole new level. the plan was to broadcast via internet stream, a three hour special saturday broadcast of ESL live from the Hexagon gallery, one of the festival’s sites, disseminating some special homegrown tidbits we’d cooked up, the sounds of the megapolis festival’s attending audio artists as well as the sounds of baltimore, a city unbeknownst to us except maybe via The Wire television series, all the way back to ckut 90.3 fm’s airwaves in Montreal. we were stoked! (that’s neil and ESL fan and friend eric in the piture below)

and we were crossing into the evil empire. just kidding. well sort of. we made sure we did our research about crossing the u.s. border with gear, we all got our passports up-to-date, we got letters proving we weren’t gonna be making any money off this gig, we found out the only kind of cold cuts we’d be able to bring into the country south of us had to have been packaged in saskatchewan. we got excited about the 10-hour roadtrip down, during which, having failed to bring cds, we could do nothing but listen and sing along to whatever radio stations we captured. ok we bonded over bad pop songs from the 80s and 90s that we’d enjoyed in secret for years. let’s just say that the illest stations were definitely to be found near near new york city, philly and of course, baltimore!

to be continued….


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