the cast of characters


Caroline Künzle founded Easy Sonic Living, five years ago as the Experimental Sound Lab. In addition to having worked as CKUT 90.3 fm Radio’s Spoken Word programming coordinator, and as a freelance researcher at CBC Radio in Montreal, experiments in radio and sound have included the Magic Sound Box, Radia, Radio Jean Talon, Bing Selfish Radio (resonance fm), and years of programming at CJSR 88.5 fm. She currently works as the Radio Works! coordinator for Life Stories Montreal. For more info see her website.


in addition to bringing her socially conscious athletic ways, her silky smooth voice and her far out ideas to Easy Sonic Living for the past 3 years, Cathy Inouye founded and produced The Avalanche, radio programming produced by people with mental disabilities, has collaborated on a number of ckut programs and has produced work for Radia and Magic Sound Box projects. cathy also plays the sousaphone in the Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble and the Ratchet Orchestra.

~N E I L~

collecting dust became a thing of distant memory the night Neil Griffith joined the ESL crew in the summer of ’09, and in between bi-weekly sessions on the radio he has since occupied time by complaining about haircut needs. neil spent the early and mid 2000’s in the montreal noise band Raw Madonna, working in film and assisting the production of a LGBT zine/video doc series for the NFB. he has bottom lined tech duties and recorded many live acts of all sorts throughout the city, often organizing the live elements into multi-channel arrangements. somewhere in there he began getting involved in community radio, teaching both children and teens media/radio skills and is revving himself up to study Technical Theater Design. he continues to produce transmission art and had his works featured in Norway, Portugal, England, the U-S and Canada as well he participates in the montreal sound map. together with other sound artists neil has helped create the YUL Collective who use field recordings as there primary element within composition. neil believes that daydreaming is an integral part of his happiness. his other digital personalities lives here or here.
(Neil has since left regular duties at ESL for the greener pastures of Vancouver. He may make occasional long distance sonic appearances.)



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  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

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